Birthday Piarim Biz! We are 4 years old!
31.03.2019 18:31:21

Dear partners!:
Today, March 31, 2019 , the company Piarim Biz was 4 years old!:
Of course,all expect gifts on your birthday, and we are not waiting, we are giving away! Our mail and tickets are crammed with requests from our partners and investors on the extension of the deposits in the Fund Piarim Biz. Still, we are the first honest invest-project. We hesitated for a long time, extended several times for 10 days, but the letters became less. After some discussion, we decided to extend the recharge for 1 month!
Thus, the Fund will operate as usual until April 30, 2019.

Now, we'll just meet its obligations and pay interest to our investors.
We are very pleased that needed and desired. Thank you. We don't stop, stay tuned!
Sincerely, Andrei Kasperovich.:

Our coin PRB will soon be on the exchange!
21.03.2019 17:55:18

Dear partners!!
In April 2019, has traditionally been ahead of schedule, we'll host our coin PRB
on one of the exchanges. One of the first information about this exchange will receive the Fund's investors Piarim Biz and they will have the opportunity to earn good money.Will also be possible to transfer coins from Piarim Biz on the stock exchange.
I want to thank the Fund's investors Piarim Biz,which help us to implement our plans and work on the development of the company.We kept receiving investment to enable crypto coins liquidity on the stock exchange
Stay tuned!
Sincerely, Andrey Kasperovich

Extending the acceptance of deposits in the Fund to 31.03.2019
21.03.2019 13:16:12

Dear partners!!
Extend the investment for another 10 days!
Thus, the Fund will work as usual until March 31, 2019.!
 You still have the opportunity to build the structure and the entire year to earn passive income.
 Sincerely, Andrey Kasperovich

Extending the acceptance of deposits in the Fund to 20.03.2019
11.03.2019 00:02:04

Dear partners!!
According to numerous requests from active partners of our Fund Piarim biz, we decided to extend the investment periods for another 10 days!
 Thus, the Fund will operate in the former regime before 20 March 2019.!
 We are very pleased that you liked our Fund Piarim biz.
 You still have the opportunity to build the structure and the entire year to earn passive income.
 Sincerely, Andrey Kasperovich

Close the Deposit account of the Fund Piarim biz 10.03.2019!!
04.03.2019 18:25:30

Dear partners!
Investing in our Fund Piarim biz we will accept until the 10th of March 2019
after this date, will only payments on existing deposits
.Replenishment is not available.
The opportunity to reinvest the profits from previous investments is maintained.
Thanks to all who participated.
Now we are going to pay % from the income of the company in accordance with our obligations to investors.
The opportunity of recharging will be disabled for an indefinite period, but in the future, quite possibly, we are reopening the receipt of investments, if you make a decision
Stay tuned!
Sincerely, Andrei Kasperovich.

Cooperation with
19.02.2019 12:21:07

Dear partners service Piarim Biz!
We have great news!
9 Feb administration service Piarim Biz was invited to lidership company itrade.companyto explore and establish business contacts.
We came to the conclusion that itrade - a very promising company with huge product - the Forex robotthat gives high income ; we in turn decided to invest in the company and support its development.In response to our support company itrade recommends our service Piarim Biz as a tool for promotion in social networks and promote online business!
Under the agreement,the company Piarim Biz since today is the official partner of
We are glad to inform you that users Piarim Biz, registered and invested in company via the following link, our partners provided insurance contributions and a 100% satisfaction guarantee payments.
Link for registration:
Sincerely, Andrey Kasperovich

Our Foundation 3 months!
23.01.2019 14:58:50

Dear users!
We inform you that the Foundation exists for three months and is popular with investors.
The Fund is stable, regularly always pays and supports its partners without forcing them to wait long for response and assistance.
And we go ahead and work on our ideas, gradually implementing them in life.
In the spring it is planned to launch our coin PRB on the stock exchange.
We continue to cooperate fruitfully and evolve!
Stay tuned!
Sincerely, Andrei Kasperovich.

2019 happy New year!
31.12.2018 22:30:59

Dear partners!
Heartily congratulate you with the New 2019 year!
We wish you in the new year even more fun and profit,good health to you
and your family, incredible luck in everything!
Sincerely, Andrei Kasperovich.

Work without days off !
27.12.2018 19:44:51

Dear partners!
Please be advised that we traditionally work in the holidays!
We don't have holidays, we work in a usual mode
and ready to accept your message, ready to answer your questions, solve any problems.
Meet this New 2019 together!
Sincerely, Andrey Kasperovich

Give $ 10 in Piarim Biz! 11.12.2018 13:49:09

Dear partners!
In our advertising service Piarim biz
event started!
We will give new users $ 10 on advertising!
To activate the bonus feature, you will need to do is Fund advertising expense in the amount of $ 10. The bonus would be added automatically!
You can use it to buy status or ordering any advertising.
Now to invite advertisers even more profitable!
You will get an increased passive income as your referrals will have the opportunity to develop your website, project or brand with the greatest efficiency!
The link to the service:
Welcome to Piarim Biz!

We started posting!
08.11.2018 00:10:48

Dear partners!
We present you the new instrument - auto POSTING
Autoposting is the scheduler of publications in social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest.
For users packages: "Standard", "VIP" and "Business" use of the service is included in the package.
The user with a status of "Standard" gets:
The number of social accounts for each social network: 1
The maximum storage size media material is 100 MB and the maximum file size is 2 MB
The user with a status of "VIP" receives:
The number of accounts on each social network: 2
The maximum size of the storage media material 300 MB and the maximum file size of 5 MB
The user with the status "Business" gets:
The number of accounts on each social network: 10
The maximum size of the storage media 1000 MB and the maximum file size 20 MB
I want to note that to demonstrate the capabilities of the new service we are offering You a FREE trial for a period of 24 hours:
Possible trial period:
The number of accounts on each of the social networks: 1
The maximum size of the storage media of the material is 10 MB and the maximum file size of 1 MB
For those who are already packages in the service ("Standard", "VIP" and "Business" ), you can access the posting through the support Piarim.
At all rates there is a function specifically for Instagram: auto-activity, where you can set up round-the-clock activity on your profile in 5-10 minutes without downloading any software!
In the new service requires a new registration.
Check the link:

Sincerely, Andrey Kasperovich

Two-factor authentication! 07.11.2018 13:25:31

Dear partners!
We inform you that the Fund is now working two-factor authentication!
This additional level of security that ensures that access to your account can only get you, even if your password has become known to someone else.If you have any questions on the use of 2ФА, please contact the support in any convenient manner.
Sincerely, Andrey Kasperovich

Own search engine !
06.11.2018 20:15:01

Dear partners!
We are glad to inform you that we are launching own search engine!
The launch is just the beginning, over time we will significantly expand this resource.
In the top menu you will see links to our projects that exist at the moment.
There will be more!
We decided to greatly expand the functionality of our brand.
Sincerely, Andrei Kasperovich.

Bulletin Board - an innovation from the company Piarim Biz!
02.11.2018 18:26:00

Dear partners!
Ahead of schedule more than a month!
We present you a new product!
"Bulletin Board"of the company Piarim Biz
will give you the opportunity to completely free to place your ads for selected categories.
We tried to create for you a comfortable flowing design and easy navigation. You will enjoy the intuitive menu and ease of use.
We are open for our partners and will listen to suggestions and comments to get better for you!
Check the link:
Welcome! Sincerely, Andrei Kasperovich.

The server in the night from 30 to 31 October 2018
30.10.2018 17:48:10

Dear partners!
In the night from 30 to 31 October will be the server of our projects.
They will begin at approximately 2:00. We specifically chose the time of least activity. In this regard , the sites of our projects will not be available within the hour.
To work with the server is necessary.
Sincerely, Andrei Kasperovich.

The official group of the company Piarim Biz in our social media!
28.10.2018 13:09:47

Dear partners!
In our social network
we have created 2 official group dedicated to advertising the service Piarim Biz and Fund Piarim.
You have the opportunity to communicate with their referrals and Administration.
Write, communicate, ask questions, upload music, videos, create groups and do all that you do in other social networks.
We won't ban without reason or formal replies, as it happens in the VC.
We are open for you and will constantly expand the functionality of the projects of our company.
Links to groups:
Sincerely, Andrey Kasperovich

We launched a social network!
27.10.2018 21:14:40

Dear partners!
We fulfilled his promise to open the social network early!
Despite the fact that this innovation was scheduled for November 20th, we have tried to implement it much earlier.We have a lot of plans and all of our projects we constantly develop.
Pleased to introduce a new social network!
Let's communicate more! Be among the first users!
Check the link:

Join our social network referrals to facilitate the work with them,invite friends, and acquaintances!
Sincerely,Andrei Kasperovich.

The social network launched!
27.10.2018 15:53:07

Dear partners!
Today, 27.10.2018 at 21:00 we're launching a private social network!
It will be a multifunctional resource, where you will be able not only to communicate, share photos, videos, impressions.
Will be available for you and other cool features
Stay tuned!
Sincerely, Andrey Kasperovich

Connection online chat JIVOSITE
25.10.2018 16:39:35

Dear partners!
We are glad to inform you that we are
connected to the Foundation Piarim Biz ONLINE CHAT JIVOSITE.
Ask questions and get answers from
qualified support without unnecessary expectations!
Sincerely, Andrei Kasperovich.

Work on the social network from Piarim biz!
23.10.2018 13:22:39

Dear users!
Full swing development of a social network from Piarim biz!
Stay tuned!
Sincerely, Andrei Kasperovich.

The Start Of The Fund Piarim Biz!
22.10.2018 21:00:00

Dear users!
22.10.2018 at 18:00 we launched a new service from the team Piarim Biz for passive income - Fund Piarim Biz!
By investing in the development of Piarim you can get a steady income every day, from 0.45% to 0.6% and from 14% to 18% per month!
Also offer an Affiliate program :
Level 1: 5%
2nd level: 3%
Level 3: 2%
Sincerely, Andrey Kasperovich

Welcome to the Fund.PIARIM.BIZ!
20.10.2018 19:45:07

Dear users!
Pleased to introduce a new product from Piarim Biz - INVESTMENT FUND.PIARIM.BIZ!
The Fund has in the exercise of their activities to real business company Piarim Bizthat guarantees long-term and honest work.
We have tried to adapt the Fund and for beginners and for experienced investors. The minimum contribution is just$ 10
Now everyone has the opportunity to become an investor without the risk of losing money and the opportunity to obtain passive income.
Money work for you! Given a choice of 4 investment decisions.
Passive income - aerobatics, it is necessary to strive for.
And we give you the opportunity.
Our advantage is the transparency of the assurance Fund, without bidding and hiding mythical founders.
In the same way as in Piarim Biz, you will be provided with skilled technical support.
FUND.PIARIM.BIZ - strategy is your success!
Sincerely, Andrey Kasperovich